What’s our blog all about?

This is a blog for people like us; property people. Also, London property owners looking for interior inspiration, an insight into the London market or advice on how to add value to your home. We’ll let you know about some of London’s best design and property launch events, (some of them ours!). Oh, and there will also be guest writers and interviews with interesting property people! Will the blog be informative? I certainly hope so. Controversial? No doubt.

We also want to shed a new light on estate agents, we are fed up.. yes fed up with the negative press surrounding agency. I was at a design event the other night and got chatting to a few people, as soon as you mention you’re an estate agent you get an “oooo” and a pained look as if to say ‘really… there are other career options you know’. Don’t get me wrong, we understand why; there are some real sharks out there but we are here to prove it can be done with passion, style and integrity. As you might have guessed, this isn’t your typical estate agents blog… well, we’re not your typical estate agency. We’ll be writing about interiors, art, design, investment, local property prices, architecture and maybe the odd skiing article. You’ll find out why further down!

Who are the Writer’s

The blog is written my me, Zac Horner and by business partner Jordan Wright, together we run Ivywell Estate Agents. A tiny bit about the company – Ivywell is an estate agency focused on maximising the value of your home through interior styling, exceptional photography and kick-ass marketing designed to create a memorable experience buyers love.

A bit about me – After realising the corporate world wasn’t for me, well… I kind of knew that anyway! I made the decision to leave and (after a short stint as a ski instructor) set up an estate agency. Jordan, a lifelong friend with a similar vision joined me and Ivywell was born. When I’m not working I love to be outdoors; skiing, mountaineering, climbing… I’m a bit of an adventurer. I’m also a big motor racing fan, so if you have a spare ticket to the Grand Prix, you know who to call! When in London, I love spending time with my family, keeping fit and going to church; you can catch me at the 11.30 service at HTB, Brompton Road.

And Jordan – “At age 9 I started my first little business; buying and selling sweets at school – and eating into my profits, literally! Age 21 I was selling some of London’s finest properties and purchased my first briefcase. At age 23 I started my first ‘official’ business – a property development company which I co-own with my brother Zac, who just so happens to be the only other Zac I’ve ever met. Out of the blue came Sarah, the love of my life, who I quickly persuaded to marry me. After my first year of marriage, I jumped into bed with Zac, so to speak and Ivywell was born. Outside work, I love spending time with my family, friends from church and travelling the world. I have a keen eye for detail and have been plagued with the curse my father refers to as ‘taste’”.

To put a face to the name, here’s Jordan on his wedding day.

And me finishing a climb on the Aiguille Du Midi in Chamonix.

We are two guys who love design, property and would love you to join us on our journey.