Too Much Wood? Try Something A Little Different

Engaged, employed and a homeowner. You should have seen me. I borrowed a van, grabbed my lady and sped off to our local antiques fair to fill our house with wood. I grew up in a Victorian house. Strictly antique furniture – you know, the stuff with ‘proper dovetail joints’. New stuff “has the bad taste of cheap” my father would say – he had me converted from an early age.

To answer the rather obvious question in the title; in my case, yes! We’re not talking about elegantly designed wooden homes we’re referring to bulky wooden furniture all clambered together leaving no space to swing a cat. Beautiful oak parquet flooring, a painted sideboard and antique furniture take prime place in modern interior design – but come on.. no-one wants their dining room looking like an oak furniture land showroom. Clean lines and functional simplicity is what we’re all pining for. Stone, marble, concrete, steel, Corian – these materials are transforming our tired interiors into exquisite spaces.

My colleague Zac recently met with Robert Excell of Mclaren.Excell – an award winning design-led architecture and interiors practice based in Central London who are using these materials to create breath-taking interiors. They recently undertook a project in West London. Their remit was very conventional; a ground floor extension and loft conversion. The results, not so conventional. “From the outset, discussions centred around the use of in situ concrete: for floors, walls and ‘furniture’ elements within the scheme. As the dominant material presence, concrete was chosen primarily for its aesthetic qualities but the opportunity to build in high thermal mass and develop free-form structures became increasingly important considerations as the project progressed. As a point of reference concrete then became the driver for all other material decisions”. As you can see from the images below, the results are nothing short of spectacular.





For somthing else a little different, we love the beautiful ARC Dining Table by Olivia Aspinall – Olivia’s design studio produces unique, exciting surfaces characterised by their colour, pattern and craftsmanship.



Another piece I love is the Tulum Side Table by L’Objet. Founded by Elad Yifrach, they create designs for the home that are both luxurious and functional works of art, crafted with the highest degree of excellence. “Elad often dreamt of creating a décor and lifestyle collection of his own. In 2004 he did just that, flying to New York to present his prototype to Bergdorf Goodman, who immediately placed an order. And so L’OBJET was born. Today, with every new collection, Elad continues this quest to surprise, innovate, and inspire others to live a life of beauty”.