The Smell Of Fresh Paint

When I walk into a room, my mood and behaviour can change immediately, depending on what’s inside the space. I’m not just referring to objects – tables, chairs and other furnishings, although these play important roles, but more to do with the basic aesthetics. Line, pattern, texture, colour, space and the composition of objects. These factors, for me, can hugely impact the mood a space creates and make or break the overall design. The same aesthetic principals are carefully considered in all of my paintings. Every time I work with interior designers, before I start the painting, we talk about the room, the colour palettes, the furnishings, the lighting and most importantly what feel the interior designer is trying to create.

I have been painting now for over twelve years. Predominately working in oils, I try to depict scenes that connect with the viewer on a personal level. I invite the viewer to look at something familiar. I want to create the feeling that the viewer has been there before and something resonates. The paintings float in a space between abstraction and figuration. The subtle suggestions of narrative create an almost dreamlike representation. As much as I am interested in the underlying subject and emotive themes within the painting, I am equally concerned with my approach. The basic aesthetics as I previously mentioned are paramount, in my opinion, to good painting. The negative space, the composition of colour and subtle variations in tone and mark-making all play a fundamental role in how and why I paint.