Scandi Style – 5 Essentials

I’m not from Scandinavia, (although I like to think I have some Nordic blood in me – my mother’s maiden name is Kibbel, which derives from the Olde English pre 7th Century “cybbel” which was originally given as an occupational name to a maker or seller of cudgels – a menacing Viking weapon!) But what I may (or may not) lack in heritage I make up for in my passion for Scandinavian design. How a room is designed really effects our mood, how we feel, how we behave. Maybe it’s my love of the outdoors that triggered my affection for Scandi design. Colours are inspired by the tranquil lakes, mountains and forest; plants are added and the patterns are formed by the natural surroundings. Light is extremely important, which is enhanced by the use of colour, muted earthy tones – shades of white and pale grey. There is often a combination of cosy spaces and light, airy rooms. Texture also plays a significant role – linen, wool, leather and fur contrast against the clean lines creating warmth.

The functional beauty of the Scandinavian style is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and for good reason. Here are five essentials to transport you from London straight to Gothenburg.


1. Nikari December XL. 

The chair was designed by Jasper Morrison and Wataru Kumano in 2014, a couple of years after the original December chair that participated in the “12 DESIGNS FOR NATURE” project of NIKARI. The chair comes in ash/canvas or oak/leather and finished in a natural oil mixture. – Photo by Studio Chikako Harada. Available at Skandium


2. Acorn by Northern Lighting, designed by Design by Atle Tveit.

“Acorn’s streamlined shape was inspired by a natural form, giving it organic contours and an understated profile. The shade resembles the empty shell of an acorn, which becomes hollow once the ripened nut has broken free”.


3. Linen Duvet cover by Piglet

Linen features regularly in Scandi design and Piglet linens offer ultimate comfort and a modern rustic look. Their signature fabric, made from 100% natural stonewashed French flax, gets softer and softer with wear. Ironing is optional as their crumpled texture looks great straight out of the dryer. Linen is warm and cosy in the winter and fresh in the warmer months. You can buy direct from their website


4. All in the detail – Holkham Door Knob in Antiqued Brass by Jim Lawrence.

Their Holkham handles are handmade in solid brass or steel and available in a choice of authentic finishes. The feel of these door knobs is of luxury and quality and they are sprung on one side. The reeded backplate adds a touch of elegant detail to your door and sets off the handle beautifully.


5. Indoor plants – we love both the Areca and Kentia Palms which are both availble from House of Plants.