How do we succeed when other estate agents have failed?

Withdrawing from the market is often the correct move if an acceptable offer is not put forward. Buyers become wary when a property sits stagnant for months on end – and we don’t blame them. If the property hasn’t sold after 20+ months on the market, there must be something wrong… right?…

Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results” – unfortunately this rings true for many estate agents. When it comes to choosing your new agent, do you choose a firm who will do the same thing as the previous one? Or do you try a different approach?

So… how do we succeed when other estate agents have failed? As a home owner, you have to look through the eyes of the buyer. They MUST be able to envisage themselves living in your home. If they can’t, they’re obviously not going to submit an offer.

I believe our role as estate agents should be more than just ‘a broker’. Estate agents should do everything in their power to achieve the best possible price for you as the owner. And at the moment, that simply isn’t happening. A deep clean and basic photography simply doesn’t cut it – especially now, when only the best quality stock is selling. I believe the role of the agent should be; of course to broker the best deal, but also present the property in its best possible light in order to attract the best buyers.

Back to my first question. Often, yes, there is something wrong. The property is not styled and presented correctly. Buyers make snap judgements based on first impressions. It’s our job to make their first impression memorable. I believe styling and marketing is the answer, not repetitive price reductions. Your goal as a home owner is to achieve the fastest sale at the best price. We want to help you achieve those goals. Ask yourself one question; if you could increase the saleability of your home, at no cost, why wouldn’t you?

Interior styling is a tried and tested method of adding value and increasing the saleability of your home. In many parts of the world, especially Scandinavia, it’s an integral part of the sales process, but for some strange reason, the UK hasn’t cottoned on… until now. We’ll do whatever’s necessary to create a neutral, inviting space for potential buyers. Using furniture, art, plants, accessories, tableware, lighting; we’ll create a memorable experience buyers love.

Models don’t stand in front of the lens without an hour or two with the stylist! Whatever the condition of your home, value can be added through styling. Our stylist looks at your property objectively, through the eyes of the buyer. “Wow. This is the one”. Those are the words you want to hear as a potential buyer walks around your home. And there’s no reason you shouldn’t.

So… do you re-list with another corporate agent, who will most likely do exactly the same thing as the previous one? Or, do you try something different?… I’ll leave that down to you.